The PlanetPay Token Sale begins in:

Security, Transparency, Simplicity

PLP tokens are ERC20 utility tokens which will be converted to the PlanetPay (PLP) cryptocurrency once it has been fully developed, while in the meantime these tokens may be traded on exchanges.

We value the security and safety of all those who wish to support the PlanetPay project, so we do not record or store any personal data on our contributors, we never send you stuff and we do not use cookies. We only accept contributions in ether (ETH) so please only send your ETH from wallets of which you control the private keys, such as Mist, Myetherwallet or hardware wallets - DO NOT SEND FUNDS FROM ONLINE EXCHANGES (Coinbase, Binance etc) - if you do then you will lose your funds!!

DISCLAIMER - Please be aware that any contributor to the PlanetPay project purchases tokens at their own risk, without any expectation, implicit or explicit about a possible return other than being part of a global community dedicated to the success of this project. The PlanetPay team are known persons who have been working on the project for up to 14 years and they will do their utmost to ensure that this project succeeds. We are not able to restrict purchases of PLP tokens to any person in any particular jurisdiction so we welcome all who wish to be part of something greater.

All contributions need to be sent in ether (ETH) to the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract address below, and you will be able to see your PLP tokens on the Ethereum blockchain which are linked to your Ethereum wallet address.

The token sale commences on 30th December 2018 and there will only ever be a total of 314,159,265 PLP tokens (ℼ x 108)

You will receive 900 (nine hundred) PLP Tokens per 1 ether (ETH).

Send your contributions to the wallet address shown below.

ethereum Ethereum

0x---address to be revealed at the expiry of the countdown

Contributions in fiat (national) currencies

We are only able to offer contributions in EUR and GBP to contributors who are personally known to the PlanetPay team. If you are in this category you may send an email with you name to and we will check your response and send instructions on contributing in those two currencies.

We will not hold any funds in fiat but convert them into ETH.