Welcome to a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) - a global platform for allocating work, facilitating payment and making loans in crypto.

Participate in the creation of a new world of work

A world based on human values and supported by cryptocurrency - The PlanetPay project

The PlanetPay team are building the PLP DAO, a fully automated, decentralized online system which connects people in a peer-to-peer manner and facilitates their interactions through the PLP cryptocurrency. Through its unique design it is able to combine the functions of employment exchange, post office, savings bank, investment bank, project financer and mortgage provider without being any of these institutions. It may however end up being an entirely different and yet unknown animal with who knows what properties or effects.


As Andreas Antonopoulos so perceptively points out in the above video, DAOs are the killer apps in the crypto space. There are vast opportunities in the very near future to create solid, robust decentralized apps running on a blockchain which have the potential to completely replace all levels of management, including the highest board levels with a decentralized system which never fails, makes clear logical judgements and executes considered decisions in seconds.

This is of course akin to rocket science, as any slight mistake can blow the whole organization up and cause irreparable damage in a very short time. Our team have been studying the way real-world organizations operate for many years, and we are carefully creating a real-world DAO which has been designed to operate independently of any human interaction and which, being decentralized, cannot be controlled by any party.

The PlanetPay Token, PLP

PLP is a new cryptocurrency which is very fast, secure and with very low transaction costs. While bitcoin is and will continue to remain the major cryptocurrency and store of value, the PLP currency complements bitcoin by being an optimized transactional currency.

PLP is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) system, not a blockchain, which can be visualized as a thick cord of threads, each comprising the directed transactions. This parallel approach overcomes the limits imposed by blocks in blockchain cryptocurrencies and enables rapid, secure and immutable transactions to take place.

The PLP system is truly decentralized and highly scalable, with increases in speed and efficiency as the system grows in usage.


  • 2004- 2007
    We organize 7 international meetings concerning decentralization in organizations
  • 2007 December
    We publish a book about our findings "The Leadership Delusion" Xecnet ISBN 0955782600, 9780955782602
  • 2011 October
    We publish a book about decentralized power systems "Rossi's eCat" Xecnet ISBN 9780955782633
  • 2011 October
    Private Bitcoin exchange XecNet set up
  • 2012- 2018
    PlanetPay Token Sale Commences
  • 2018- 2022
    Development of the PLP platform

the Planetpay Team

Hadrian J Michell
Business Strategist
Rosamund Kirn
Social Networking
Howerd Oakford
Project Manager
Russell Michell
Chief Developer