PlanetPay Project Update

August 25th 2021

Finally our team have produced a viable and solid structure which ensures complete decentralization. Bearing in mind that currently the only project in existence which is truly decentralized is Bitcoin, that is no mean feat.

Our goal is to have that decentralized system live in stages of increasing decentralization during 2021.

The website which is imminent will clearly define those stages and show the potential that the project is finally able to deliver.

There are not many ICO projects which have protected and increased the value of all investors assets like this one, and the team sincerely appreciate the moral support of all of those who have been and are currently involved in making this unique project a reality within the next months and years as it develops.

June 11th 2021

Final tests on system progressing well. New style website out shortly. More frequent updates now.

April 9th 2021

New website and system to be installed this month!

February 2021

Since the last update our decentalisation strategy is almost complete and an initial tokenised platform rollout will be made shortly.


Please keep checking this page for the rollout website.


October 2020


Much progress has been made since August. Currently the key issue is to enable the cryptocurrency system to be truly decentralized decentralization, meaning that there exists a balance of powers maintaining a truly decentralized ledger, is a key to real adoption and security.

So far only bitcoin has been able to achieve this aim as all other crypto assets are able to be influenced by a team of people involved in their launch and development.

The other side is the development of a global community of supporters who are committed to the success and aims of the project. There are a number of networks which are in the loop at present.

This is truly a very exciting time to be working in this space.




August 2020


We apologise for the lack of information to all of our supporters and participants over the period since we launched our project in 2018.


The intervening time has been incredibly busy with constant change, adjustment and development in a vastly changing environment - both in the crypto industry and the external financial world.


Since the 2017 ICO "bubble", the majority of ICO projects have either lost over 90% of their value or simply disappeared.


The PlanetPay project however has continued to respect its supporters and ensured that no participation value has been lost.


Over this period we have researched and developed a range of blockchain-related systems in order to fulfil our aim of setting up a strong, viable and secure platform for services.


As a result we have a core team which has a profound understanding of the state of the industry and where it is going.


We are now working with an extremely skilled team on a blockchain system which has a range of benefits, high transaction throughput, security and sustainability.


The current "Global Crisis" has, if anything speeded up the use cases for many projects such as ours in the cryptocurrency space.


The economic consequences of this crisis have been and continue to be severe, with small and medium enterprises being particularly affected.


This further increases the need for a global services platform using its own cryptocurrency and compresses the time-frame in which we operate.


We are therefore on track for a 2020 launch and main token offering, being able to fulfil the plans which we have made.


Please keep looking at this website as we now do monthly updates.


The PlanetPay team.

August 5th 2020